• 1840s Schatz

1840s Schatz

1840s Schatz

This is the famous “Headless Schatz”, not because it was a predecessor of Ned Steinberger or some such, but for the simple reason that its peghead is, well, lost. It is in beautiful condition otherwise, some top cracks which fortunately no one has ever attempted to work on; no back cracks; one repaired side crack where some finish has been gone through, to be touched up by  a competent luthier. The neck is of the style of the day with a wonderfully-shaped round contour, with separate conical heel and peghead dovetails. The body size corresponds to a Martin Size 2 of the day: 18” length, 12-1/4” width, and a full 4” depth, which is quite deep for this era. Interestingly, it has the rarely-seen internal “foot” at the neck block, with adjustable neck angle via a key-and-screw on the outside center of the heel, along with an elevated fingerboard end. The Brazilian rosewood back and sides are of extraordinarily straight grain, even for a guitar this early. All the ivory body bindings are intact as is its solid ivory end plate, with small strap button in the bottom center of the back center purfling. Top marquetry is of multi-colored parallelograms, with checkerboard soundhole rosette and matching rings. Its ebony bridge with floral “wings" is also quite original and unaltered. The original interior paper label is totally intact and extremely interesting. It is printed with the usual HENRY ANT. SCHATZ / BOSTON / Manufcturer of Guitars, Violins, Etc / Guitars, Violins Bows Etc Neatly Repaired. At the bottom is printed No.4 Beach Str  However, that has been crossed out and hand-written over it in script ink is Corner Boylston St and Boylston Sq  There is also, in the upper left-hand corner of the label, handwritten in ink, 370/630  ..though the first 3 is difficult to be sure of. There is also another label inside, partially overlapping the edge of the Schatz label, printed on blue paper, stating CHARLES MUNZINGER / Importer and Dealer in / Musical Instruments / Music and Fancy Articles / SW Cor 9th & Race Philada / Instruments Repaired / Pianos Tuned. (Any of you Schatz-o-philes out there who can ascertain a date from this info?) All in all, this is quite a lovely instrument, wanting only a proper home and proper luthier’s restoration. Offered as is at $3500 w/ssc



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