• 19th Cent Tuners

19th Cent Tuners

19th Cent Tuners

A most beautiful and clean set of Seidel tuning machines, almost surely from a Martin guitar, probably from the 1880s-1890s. With their perfect Martin spacing (1-5/16” - 2-5/8”), they are drum-tight, with no appreciable wear anywhere. The plates are of German silver with a lovely repeating-chain pattern embossed along each edge and reverse lotuses above and below each gear, all showing quite clear and precise, considerably more so than is usually seen on these; the plate corners are rounded, with a six-pointed star in each, the typical Seidel trademark. The buttons are quite unusual, being of finely-grained bone and of the longer oval shape, for a better feel. All in all, an extremely desirable set, to complete your 150-year-old Martin that had its original tuners snatched away from it sometime in the 1950s. $1995



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