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  • 1990s Calton F5 Mandolin Case

1990s Calton F5 Mandolin Case

1990s Calton F5 Mandolin Case

Ever see one of these for sale on the after-market? I sure haven’t. I’m not all that sure about exactly when this case was made but I don't think it really matters. A Calton is a Calton, the original and still the best. Ever. This one has seen some use but not a huge whole lot, no abuse or anything like that. Its original owner has retired from the road and would like to see it passed on to another working musician. Serial-numbered on its metal label of course, super-plush-lined, and will fit any Gibson or Gibson-style F-Model or A-Model mandolin. Coupla nicks and scratches but otherwise in 100% condition, and comes with original shoulder strap. With these cases costing over a grand today, and being as indestructible as they are, someone is going to get a terrific bargain. $595



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