1997 Guild S4 Barry Gibb

1997 Guild S4 Barry Gibb

Wow! The Bee Gees! "Kings of Disco!" Some of us still have that great music from the movie Saturday Night Fever going on in our heads and hearts. It got them five Grammys in 1977, and they deserved every one. Over 100 million records sold over the years, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and much, much more. Maurice Gibb died in 2003 and Robin in 2012, leaving Barry Gibb as the only surviving member of the group to carry on the name. 

In 1997, the Guild Guitar Company came out with a very limited edition Barry Gibb model, derived from their famous S-4CE and calling it the S4BG. These were made right here in their own factory in Westerly, Rhode Island. The bodies were cut from one solid piece of genuine mahogany, with the entire center section routed out to form a true hollow body; the tops were of solid Sitka spruce. The necks were solid genuine mahogany of course, the fingerboard and bridge rosewood. Now here’s where it starts to get really cool. It is said that there were only 400 of these special S4BG models made, with the vast majority of them in natural finish. No idea how many were made in this beautiful blue, but it sure wasn’t many. And now for the best part, the autographs. I’ve heard of one S4BG in natural finish that was signed by all three Gibb brothers, but never another in this super-cool blue. I don’t claim to be an autograph expert but I do have a good eye, and in comparing the signatures on this guitar with others I’ve been able to zoom in on I’m convinced that they are genuine. 

This 1997 Guild S4BG is in marvelous condition, barely a scratch on it and literally zero fret wear, looks like it’s hardly ever been out of its (original hard shell) case. Plays beautifully, has an active Fishman pickup system built in. There’s a tiny bit of hum that I’ve not been able to track down, will leave this up to your local guitar tech guru, or you can just leave it as is.

I sincerely doubt that another like this can be found, at any price, let alone in this ultra-rare finish and in this condition, and with all three Bee Gees’ autographs right on it. Barry Gibb’s signature is on the label inside the guitar as well. Offered here at $2995 w/ohsc



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