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  • '60s-'70s Grover Rotomatics

'60s-'70s Grover Rotomatics

'60s-'70s Grover Rotomatics

A genuine, American-made top-quality 6-on-a-side set of full-size Grover Rotomatic tuning machines, for use on a guitar you’re building or restoring with the Fender-style tuning machine layout. Not to be confused with similar-looking Grovers of today or the past 30 years, which are foreign-made. You can tell immediately that these are American by the slot-head screws in the center of the tuner buttons, as opposed to Phillips-head screws in the copies. Complete with all washers and mounting screws, ready to install. A great way to further the restoration to original spec of your vintage guitar that had its parts lifted decades ago. $79



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