1970s Sardonyx Model 800 D II (Aug. 23, 2012)

Rare, iconic '70s guitar. Formerly owned by a member of The Blues Magoos.

Perhaps the rarest and most iconic of all the 1970s boutique electric guitars, the Sardonyx, of which there were at most fifteen or twenty ever made, is closely associated with John Lennon, who was photographed playing one in 1980. As far as I know, none have come up on the market in many years though I have often been asked about them, having worked with their builder during the time period that they were made. This rare example came to me from the guitars of an equally iconic 1970s band, The Blues Magoos; he has owned it for many years and used it extensively with another band he led, Balance. Condition is original and appears to be unaltered; one of the small stainless-steel outrigger brackets has an almost unnoticeable bend in it and the overall black lacquer has fine checking, all of which we feel should be left alone as small "battle scars" of its history. Not only is the original deluxe hard shell road case with armored edges and corners included, but it also has its paperwork and operating instructions, which are serial numbered to the guitar. Offered here exclusively at $15,000 with original case and papers and a DVD of its owner playing it in concert.

Price: $15,000 w/ohsc