Bleecker Street

A few evenings ago I walked down Bleecker Street several blocks, from where my shop has been for more than forty years to where the world-famous music club, The Bitter End, has been for more than fifty years. It made me think that we’re sort of two anchors here, that club and I, both institutions at either end of the commercial part of Bleecker. And, how great it is for the music scene that we’re both still here. It was so lovely to be able to just go over there and relax, see a show. On stage was David Waters (on Facebook as The Waters Project), who did a terrific acoustic set. David has, aside from performing, been a representative of the Fender Guitar Company for over thirty years. Accompanying me to take in the music was Mitch DiStefano, who started working at my store in the 1980s. Mitch, a truly wonderful guy, has been giving guitar lessons for many years now ( The Bitter End has been so important to us all whether we’ve ever been there or not. It was a key venue and jumping-off point for just about everyone who ever became anyone in our world starting in the early 1960s; folkies, rock’n rollers, comedians, performers of every stripe. My store took care of a different part of that: making sure that everyone and anyone had instruments that worked right and gave them pleasure. And I’m still at it, with the repair shop open by appointment weekdays (email to and the occasional outgoing email with news of recent fine acquisitions for sale. Just write to me  to be on the list. And my personal thanks to all of you who have made our world of music into what it is just by playing, and listening, and appreciating.