A Collection (Sept. 5, 2013)

We have just come into possession of quite a number of guitars that had belonged to a man who had passed away some time ago and who had amassed an amazing collection, consisting solely of top-notch Fender and Gibson solidbody electrics, all of them very special Custom Shop instruments; many had been autographed by Jeff Beck and/or Johnny Winter. We were asked to help re-distribute these fabulous pieces within the guitar-loving world and were also told that during the lifetime of the original owner, he had mentioned many times that if it ever came to these being sold, he wanted it to be done only through our store; quite an honor for us I think. Every single one of these very special instruments is 100% dead-mint, in literally unplayed condition, bought or specially ordered, autographed (though some are not), and put away before a single note was ever played on them. Each one has all of its original papers, accessories, etc., intact in its case, untouched. This collector was literally that, a collector, and did not play at all. He apparently had some workings in the music business with personal connections to Mr Beck and Mr Winter, as both were obviously happy to sign so many instruments for him. All of these guitars were made between approximately 1993 and 2001 and have been in storage since. All have just been carefully gone over by us, in our own shop, to ensure proper playability. Every single one is a perfect gem and we sincerely hope to find good appreciative homes for all of them. They are all very fairly priced, especially considering their rarity and uniqueness so please, no trades, no lowball offers; just enjoy and respect them for what they are and have one (or more) to treasure as your own.

The list..............

1996 Gibson Les Paul R9 *SOLD*

1999 Gibson Les Paul R7 *SOLD*

1998 Gibson Les Paul Custom B7 *SOLD*

1999 Fender "Leo" Broadcaster  *SOLD*

1997 Fender '53 Telecaster Masterbuilt *SOLD*

2001 Fender '63 Telecaster Masterbuilt *SOLD*

1993 Fender Harley-Davidson Anniversary Strat *SOLD*

1993 Fender '60 Stratocaster *SOLD*

1997 Fender Strat Custom Shop Relic *SOLD*

1989 Gibson '59 ES-335 *SOLD*

2000 Fender Korina Strat & Tele *SOLD*

1998 Gibson Korina Flying V & Explorer *SOLD*