*** DALLAS!!! *** (April 25, 2013)

The Dallas Vintage Guitar Show, held every year sometime in April or so, is one of the biggest (Texas, of course) and most exciting vintage shows anywhere, and one of our favorites. We get to see so many of our dealer friends from around the country and around the world and eat big (Texas, of course), in places like our friend Dean Fearing's fabulous restaurant downtown, and Sonny Bryan's Original Barbecue shack from 1958. And of course we get to see scads of great instruments too. It's a buying show for us, using the skills we've honed over the years to ferret out the better stuff, plenty of gems, and the occasional diamond in the rough. This year's haul is one of the best in quite a while, with soulful pieces like a 1949 Gibson J-45 (not to mention three other J-45s), a 1942 Martin 0-15, a 1964 Gibson SG Jr. and a 1966 Fender Jazzmaster. Then there's the '70s Jazz Bass, the '48 BR-9 lap steel, the 1930 Gibson L-0, the 1961 Martin 0-16NY and 1959 00-18, and the list does go on. Might be a pre-war National Duolian in there as well. We have all of these great guitars shipped to us here in New York by our friend Eric Sykes from Plano, Texas, and they just started arriving. If you'd like to catch them as they're readied for sale by our world-famous repair shop, keep your eye on the "Just In" list clickable on our homepage, as each one of these great pieces will be put at the top of that list as it is put on display in the store. "He who pauses is lost".