Dallas! (May 15, 2017)

We’re just back from Jimmy Wallace’s Dallas Vintage Guitar show and, as ever, it’s one of the best. We're always very selective at these shows, as we are when buying vintage instruments anywhere. You can see them all on our JUST IN page of our website. We've gotten some wonderful pieces, all in marvelous, extra-solid condition and all at very affordable prices. Among them are the loveliest Martin 1953 00-18 and 1972 0-16NY, a huge-sounding 1957 Gibson J-45 and a knockout 1965 J-50, a rare 1970s Gurian JR, a way-cool 1979 Gibson ES-175D and a WAY cool 1946 Gibson ES-150, a 1972 Gibson ES-335 in Stunning Red, a couple of 1970s Fender basses, and more. And more. We’re getting them all prepped for you in our world-renowned in-house shop, and will be putting them up on our JUST IN page as they get readied.