For all of you repair people out there, professional and up and coming, I am now letting go of some of the never-used, 30 and 40-year old beautiful Martin factory-made bridges, the kind of thing Martin has not sold to the public for decades. These are all NOS factory parts with perfect Martin dimensions, contours, and finish, something the replicas offered elsewhere never seem to get quite right. These are all of the very highest quality, in ebony and Indian rosewood, and a few in Brazilian rosewood. They were gathered here over the last fifty-plus years of my dealing directly with Martin, for use in my repair shop, and are all of first-run production quality. I’ve got “belly” bridges in 2-1/8” string spacing, 2-5/16”, and 2-3/8” spacing; in standard thicknesses and some a bit thicker; in standard sizes and some a bit oversized in the front-to-back dimension for those guitars with a need to cover up unfortunate prior repairs. They are of the modern short-saddle variety, though I also have a few very nice long-saddle used ones available, from older Martin guitars, POR. Price for “belly” bridges in Indian rosewood is $100, ebony $150, Brazilian rosewood $300, all without saddles. Uncut full-height, fitted Martin Micarta saddles are available at $25; original genuine ivory saddles are available for $100. I also have some lefty bridges, 12-string bridges, classic guitar bridges and tiple bridges, all POR.  Let me know the type, spacing, thickness etc. that you need and I’ll get back to you with price and availability.