Izzy's Visit To Greenwich Village

These photos were taken when Izzy Young, who died just a month or two ago at the age of 90, visited NYC from his home of the last forty years in Stockholm, Sweden. Izzy was the founder and owner of the original Folklore Center here in New York’s Greenwich Village, which ran from about 1957-75. The store had books, records, a few instruments, but mostly it had Izzy. The store was folk central, pretty much for the entire world, where people who performed, played, or just loved folk music of all kinds would gather, meet, exchange ideas and songs and just plain congregate. Izzy was the one who knew everyone and everything about what was going on in the folk world, both musically and politically, and was never shy about sharing his opinions, We all loved him dearly. The first pic is of Izzy and me in my store around 2016 on his last visit here; the second is of Izzy pointing to the second location of the Folklore Center, at 321 6th Ave, second floor, immediately south of what is now the IFC movie theater.