Latest Haul, Vintage Guitar News (Jan. 30, 2013)

We're just back from another buying trip, looking for the best in older guitars; some call them "vintage" and you can too if you like.  This is just one of the ways that we acquire more fine instruments for our store and when we do, and after we've gotten each one of them prepped in our own world-famous in-house shop, they'll go right to the top of the "Just In" list on our homepage with a full descriptive link, with photos, for each and every one of them.  These trips are kinda like fishing, you never know what's going to be out there for you but one thing's for sure: we only bring home the very best pieces, and we're known to be pretty sharp judges of that. Each and every guitar, bass, uke, mandolin, etc. etc. goes straight upstairs to the shop when it arrives here to be thoroughly gone over by our top experts and set up, and tightened up, and spruced up so that when it finally goes on display in our store and on our website it's "gig ready". No ifs ands or buts about this; we make sure that every instrument we offer for sale is just as reliable and fine as if we were going to play it out ourselves.

So............  Latest haul includes, in part and in no particular order: 1972 Martin D-18; 1971 Fender Jazz Bass; 1954 Gibson LG-2; 1965 Gibson SG Junior; 1926 Martin 00-18; 1974 Guild F-112; 1967 Gibson ES-330TDC; 1920's Hawaiian koa taropatch;1916 Gibson F-2 mandolin; and more.  And more.  You'll be able to see them as they appear on the Just In list, one or two or several at a time over the coming days and weeks, so keep an eye there, bookmark the page and check it out every so often and if you have any questions about a particular instrument please give us a call at 212 675 2157 or drop us an email at

Thanks.................Matt Umanov and Staff