Lowden Guitars In Stock (March 17, 2016)

We are SO happy to have George Lowden’s guitars back here, first having sold them over thirty years ago and a few times since, according to limited availability. George is one of the very few guitar makers ever with something truly new and different, and of astoundingly high quality, to say with his instruments. They’re not copies of any guitar you’ve ever seen, are just pure brilliance, and they’re anything but different just for the sake of being different. Built with extremely well-thought out design they are light, have timeless strength, and are so beautifully balanced as to make one get lost in the playing of them. They are made in Jumbo, mid-size, and Lowden’s famous “Wee” sizes, of various tonewood backs and sides, some with cedar tops, some with spruce. After playing one (or more), you’ll never look at acoustic guitar tonalities and performance in quite the same way again. 

View current Lowden inventory HERE.