More Vintage Guitars "Just In" (Nov. 2, 2014)

We just got back from another buying trip to the vintage guitar show in Arlington, Texas, and have turned up a whole bunch of true earlier beauties, along with many fine pieces of a more utilitarian, modestly priced and 100% fabulous, gig-ready nature. They'll all show up at the top of the "Just In" list right here on our homepage as they're carefully prepped in our own world-renowned workshop. Just a few to keep an eye out for are: a 1927 "Robert Johnson" Gibson L-1; a 1944 Martin 00-18; a 1924 Loar-era Gibson A-Jr. mandolin; a 1953 ES-125; a drop-dead clean 1960 Martin D-28; a 1978 Fender P-Bass; a cool 1977 black Gibson Dove Custom; a 1959 Gibson LG-1; a 1979 Strat; a 1917 Martin 1-28; and a heck of a lot more. Keep your eye on that "Just In" list.................stay tuned and don't touch that dial.