New Door Sign

Yes, we’re still open. Well, maybe not that walk-in clubhouse with 500 guitars on display that we all loved so much for forty-eight years, but I’m still quite in business and still enjoying it immensely every day. Many of you have walked by, seen the store empty, and thought "Gulp, it’s over!"  ...but not so. I will admit though that I’ve been somewhat remiss in putting a sign on the separate door from the street that gives direct access to my digs on the second floor, but I’ll be remedying that shortly.

While I decided to close the store itself at the end of 2017, my repair and restoration shop, that brought so many of your instruments back to life since the 1960s, is still going strong, in the same place and in the same building at 273 Bleecker Street. It’s by appointment now, which is fine. Doing it that way allows me to give each and every one of you my personal, undivided attention with no one coming in on top of us. And, in addition to all that, how could I ever give up finding great instruments and offering them to the public? Answer is of course I couldn’t, and to that end I’m still sending out emails every so often to all my good customers over the years and to everyone who wants to be on my mailing list.

So……..You’re all welcome to email me to make a repair shop appointment (hours are noon-5PM Monday-Friday)  or with questions about anything you see on this website, or to be put on a Special Request List for something you’ve always wanted, or just to be on my mailing list. You’re also welcome to call me at the same phone number I’ve had here for over fifty years  (212 675-2157). You may occasionally get a voicemail but that’s OK; I answer every call. While I may have backed off on all the rigors of running that clubhouse downstairs, I’m still here for all of you.

And in case you were curious about what the sign might look like, we took the graphic from my original sign from what seems like a lifetime ago. I’ll have it up on our new private door real soon, I promise.