NOS Top-Grade Guitar Bridges Available (June 20, 2018)

For all you repair people, restoration people, and guitar builders out there, I have literally dozens and dozens of 30-to-50 year-old, beautiful, clean, fresh, never used, new old stock top-grade acoustic guitar bridges from Martin, Gibson, and Guild of ebony, Indian rosewood, and some Brazilian rosewood, in many shapes, sizes, and types, with standard dimensions and many specially made slightly oversize in different ways to accommodate special restoration and repair projects. These are all beautiful, fresh vintage items, unavailable from any of these companies today and certainly not of this high quality. There are far too many variations to list here so email me to let me know the brand you need, of what wood, string spacing, special dimensions and any other criteria that will help, and I’ll get back to you with info on what I have and their prices. Or, you can just state specific needs and we can take it from there for you.