Trip to Texas (Oct. 23, 2012)

Just got back from a great guitar-buying trip to Texas, and boy, did we eat!  Literally, at the world-renowned Fearing's restaurant, owned and run by our pal the acknowledged master chef and guitar nut Dean Fearing, and also of course at the feast of guitars at the annual Arlington Guitar Show, held every October.  We brought back some fabulous gems in lots of the major food groups, so here's what............    Acoustics: a coupla outstanding pre-war Martins and some perfect 60's Gibsons; Hollowbody electrics: 50's and 60's ES models, both full and thin-bodied; 1930's National resonator guitars; tenor guitars, SG guitars, Guild 12-string, Martin ukes, and more.  They'll all be listed and fully described at the top of the "JUST IN" section of our homepage as they get ready and readier to go out into the world, so keep your eyes open!