• 1928 Martin 0-18

1928 Martin 0-18

1928 Martin 0-18

Sigh. I am in love. With the hundreds and hundreds of fine Martin (and other) guitars that have come my way over the near-sixty years I’ve been in this business it is rare, especially lately, that a guitar just knocks me out the instant I open the case. You don’t even have to play it; it just shouts, softly, "Here I am”. This beautiful, lightweight 1928 Martin 0-18 has been in the same hands since the 1960s and has been lovingly cared for. All Martin guitars made before 1934 left the factory with gut strings, the earlier equivalent of a nylon, or classic set, but we do occasionally come across one, especially if it is in as wonderful original condition as this one, that will gracefully accept an extra-light set of steel strings, gauged .010-.047. This particular 1928 Martin is a prime example. Its condition is nothing short of remarkable. No cracks anywhere, ever, never had nor needed a neck reset or anything like it. Plays just beautifully due in large part to our having thoroughly gone over its original bar-type frets and gotten the action adjusted just so. Still has its original ivory saddle, uncut, and original tuners and ebony nut. Best-quality ebony fingerboard and bridge, as all Martins of the era had. Finish 100% original and un-messed with, showing some playing wear where a pickguard would have been though Martin did not start putting pickguards on any guitars until later. Fine with us, is part of the story. And the tone, the tone! Powerful and light and airy and oh-so-clean and clear, about makes you jump. Find another this wonderful, in this lovely original condition, at any price? I sincerely doubt it. And I’m still in love. $6995 w/bag



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