• 1947 Martin 5-18

1947 Martin 5-18

1947 Martin 5-18

This is one of the older styles of the Martin 5-18, with slotted peghead as opposed to the later solid peghead versions.  Quite nice, with lovely original finish and only a few tiny nicks and scratches here and there, quite remarkable, and a beautiful burnished color.  No issues of any sort; no cracks anywhere ever, no work ever needed to be done on it.  Has its original ivory nut and saddle, original Kluson tuners; action is low and easy as per original factory  spec in 1947.  Tone is sweet as they come; tunable either standard or higher, as you prefer. Comes with a modern best-quality hard-shell case.  Quite a deal at only $3995 w/hsc.



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