• 1980s Rickenbacker 12-String Bridge

1980s Rickenbacker 12-String Bridge

1980s Rickenbacker 12-String Bridge

How many times have you wished you could get the intonation of your treasured Ric 12 just right and couldn’t, for the simple reason that its bridge had only six saddles for all them twelve strings? A million? Every day, maybe? Here’s your chance to improve that pesky situation immeasurably, with this genuine Rickenbacker 12-saddle bridge. New and unused, straight from Rickenbacker their own selves. Un-notched, set your own string spacing. The Ric people have been notorious forever for being recalcitrant, to put it mildly, to sell parts to anyone at all, even their own dealers. How I came into this bridge has been lost in the mists of time; it recently popped up here from the depths of some back shelf, in a faded Rickenbacker carton no less. At least 30  years old, 100% fresh and never on a guitar, for your intonation bliss. $110



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