• 1981 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe

1981 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe

1981 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe

1981! Yikes! More than forty years ago! And a lovely forty-one years it's been. This Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe has seen its share of gigs, been well-played and lovingly cared for, though those wide, low frets are beautifully smooth, no wear showing, have been well attended-to, and all has just been thoroughly gone over and set up by us, right here. The gold finish on the top looks great, and with enough belt-buckle stuff on the back to let you know it's been around. Got that terrific, only-real-Gibsons-have-it original P-90 tone, nothin else like it anywhere else. Solid three-piece maple neck with ebony fingerboard, usually found only on the Customs. Real German-made Gibson tuners, the best. A rare finish on a truly great Gibson Les Paul that plays like the night is long. Original Gibson hard shell case. $3995 w/ohsc



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