• 1996 Gold Tone BT-100R

1996 Gold Tone BT-100R

1996 Gold Tone BT-100R

Calling all guitar players who want to play banjo but are too lazy to learn how! Your big chance, for small change! Brought to you by Gold Tone, the people who really do know banjos, is this fabulous red, and I do mean red, ultra-cool 6-string guitar-banjo, tuned and played just like a regular guitar but gives you all the sounds of a banjo. And you can plug it in, too! Has a great humbucking pickup well hidden under the head so you can be LOUD, and a volume control just where you need it, handily placed. Not only that, but it’s got a 12” diameter head, so you can be EVEN LOUDER! All set up and ready to go by yrs truly, Chief Banjo Honcho in these parts. Amaze your friends! Astound your relatives! This wonderful Gold Tone 6-string guitar-banjo with sparkling tunes all throughout it, compete with pro gig bag for only $495 w/bag



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