• 2009 ESP Custom PJ Bass

2009 ESP Custom PJ Bass

2009 ESP Custom PJ Bass

Seems that folks will never run out of new ways to do cool customizations on Fender basses. We have here a 2009 ESP “Vintage Four” (says so on the peghead) Precision-style bass with the standard P-Bass pickup arrangement, and with an unusual custom addition of Jazz Bass pickups. What I've seen many times over the years is a bridge-position J-Bass pickup being added to a P-Bass, making a “PJ Bass”, but this one is a little different, and quite cool at that. It's got both J-bass pickups nestled up against each other to work as one in the bridge position, giving a powerful tone for that great J-Bass sound, and better yet…..there is a mini switch for setting the pair of J-Bass pickups to work either in series or in parallel with each other, giving you an extremely useful tonal spread. And you can use all of the pickups in any combination that you like, with a volume control for the P pickups, another for the J pickups, and an overall tone control. The quality of the work is absolutely top-notch professional, and I'm known to be a very strict judge of that kind of thing. Even the J pickup covers have been modified so they fit up against each other perfectly. All this on an earlier ESP bass from their era of “the good stuff”, with a beautiful rosewood fingerboard and perfectly flat-sawn maple neck, a rarity right there. Bass bargain of the year for only $1095 w/bag



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