• 2015 D'Angelico EX-59

2015 D'Angelico EX-59

2015 D'Angelico EX-59

The recent crop of D’Angelico-inspired guitars has come a long way towards respectability; witness the fact that I’ve got one here for sale, like it a lot, and approve of it heartily. I knew John D’Angelico, am probably one of no more than a handful of people in our biz alive today who can say that. I spent time in his shop when I was a teenager, and he liked me enough to offer me guitar making tips and to give me stuff, which I still have. This EX-59 is one of the hipper models, a full-bodied guitar with a full-bodied sound, A nice pair of old-style single coil pickups do the job in a very traditional way and the low profile neck has as jazzy a feel as can be found anywhere. Its condition is tops, the setup is tops, the tuners are real Grover Imperials (that ‘50s look!), and the fingerboard and bridge are ebony. All set up right here by us and ready to go. Can’t go wrong with this fabulous guitar that looks so hot too! Comes with its original, beautiful hard shell case with D’Angelico logo. Only $895 w/ohsc



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