• '70s-'80s Martin Ebony Bridge (1/4" thick)

'70s-'80s Martin Ebony Bridge (1/4" thick)

'70s-'80s Martin Ebony Bridge (1/4" thick)

This is a gorgeous, absolute first-quality, perfect, unused ebony Martin bridge that I have had in storage here for thirty to fifty years. Ordered by me from Martin back in the day to have on hand in my repair shop and absolutely unmatchable for quality and accuracy. This bridge has 2-1/8” string spacing, standard for 14-fret Martins of grade-28 through-45 and is of the “short saddle” variety. This particular one is 1/4” thick (for guitars that need a lower-than-standard bridge). I also have ebony Martin bridges from this era in three other thicknesses: 5/16” (standard); 3/8” (sometimes standard); and 1/2” (extra-thick). All are of the very finest-quality black ebony available 30-40-50 years ago. It does not get any better than this, and in fact Martin will not sell first-quality bridges like this to the public at all anymore, have not done so for years. While a few other makers sell copies, the precise curvatures and especially the unique surface patina of what Martin has always done for themselves cannot be matched. Bridges like this cannot be found anywhere else. $150.00



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