• Antoniotsai Lincoln

Antoniotsai Lincoln

Antoniotsai Lincoln

Who knew there were two of these on this planet? We had one several years ago, gave it a prominent spot in our store window and there were noses pressed against the glass 24/7, staring intently. From out of the mysteries of the ether another just appeared here, apparently going where it was destined to, by interplanetary intervention. The writeup I did at the time was so much fun that it seemed untoward to do else but reprise it here for the guitar's twin. Note that at the time, our 16th President’s birthday was just around the corner, so here goes: Just when you thought it was safe. I’ve seen some unusual stuff in the 50+ years I‘ve been in this business but this one might take the cake. Seemingly from a workshop hidden somewhere in Taiwan or buried in the jungles of Viet Nam, and just in time for Lincoln’s birthday (which is not, as many of you millennials may think, on Presidents’ Day), comes what is apparently a once and former Ibanez guitar of some sort, now emblazoned with deep bas-relief iconography of our 16th president, Honest Abe his own self. But wait, there’s more! Not only do we have his striking (!) likeness in real-life multicolored splendor, but his name and the word “Liberty” in fancy white script, and large full-color images of both the the Stars and Stripes and Stars and Bars writ large, carved in full relief with "1861-1865" between them. And….. representation of both flags are inlaid in genuine mother-of-pearl and abalone shell as fret markers in way more than all the correct places! And……… DRUM ROLL PLEASE….. the Statue of Liberty, her own self, tall and proud on the peghead with her torch raised high above the E-string tuner! You can’t make this stuff up. We came across it in Texas (where else?), couldn’t resist, and brought it here for the true art lovers among you. Be the first. Or second.  $1195 w/bag



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