• OMI 10 1/2" Cone & Spider

OMI 10 1/2" Cone & Spider

OMI 10 1/2" Cone & Spider

The recent closing of my store (though the repair and restoration shop remains open) has brought to light from years and years of storage a whole lot of stuff, including quite a number of parts and cones for Dobro and National resonator guitars. This “inverted” 10-1/2” Dobro cone, with spider, is for the more traditional true Dobro guitars, most of which have square necks and are used today in Bluegrass music. In storage for at least thirty years, maybe forty or more, it is a never-used 10-1/2” diameter resonator cone, complete with “spider” and both uncut saddles, made by OMI, for Original Musical Instrument Company, in Huntington Beach California, originators and owners of the “Dobro” name. Going back to the 1930s, the name DOBRO was formed by combining the name DOPYERA, the brothers who started it all, and BROTHERS, hence DO and BRO. I knew Rudy Dopyera, the last of the brothers, back in the 1970s and he was a character. This was when they still owned the company, long before it was bought out by others. Bring your original Dobro guitar back to life with this rare NOS part. $95



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