• Veillette Aero Merlin

Veillette Aero Merlin

Veillette Aero Merlin

From the workshop of Joe Veillette in Woodstock, New York, and hand-built by master craftsmen, comes this small and powerful Veillette Aero Merlin. It is tuned E-E, a full octave above a standard 12-string guitar and is perfect for doubling and enriching any standard-tuned guitar part. The full-range piezo pickup/preamp system delivers a shimmering, vibrant, acoustic tone with incredible detail and responsiveness conjuring Cuban guitars, mandolins, and even dulcimer and autoharp tones. With a voice much bigger than its size would imply, the Merlin is an ideal stage, touring, and recording companion. The full-octave-up tuning means that all chord shapes and note locations are identical to a standard-tuned guitar; no transposing required. The 16-1/8" scale neck is so comfortable, allowing the player to reach intervals that would be impossible on a typical guitar. The Merlin is a powerful tool for songwriting and performance, bringing out new concepts and techniques from everyone who picks it up. Aero construction is unique. The body is carved from a solid block of poplar and has a top of solid Sitka spruce, giving it the mechanics of a standard-built acoustic instrument and the floating responsive area of a spruce top. The result is a beautiful acoustic tone, with virtually no feedback from its proprietary D-TAR active pickup system. This hand-built Veillette Aero Merlin electric guitar with acoustic appearance and a very natural sounding piezo pickup system is yours for only $2795 w/ gig bag 



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