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Harmony 1711 Tailpiece 1950s

Harmony 1711 Tailpiece 1950s

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Will the wonders never cease? Wildest part is, I actually know where and about when I got this, and it was not recently. When I started my store, in 1969, there was one main supplier of small goods to music stores here in NYC, US Music (no relation to the recent company of that name). Music stores in those days got all their small goods, such as guitar strings, drumsticks, clarinet reeds, you name it, from businesses we called “jobbers,” usually with local warehouse space. US Music was in an office building on Broadway near 17th St., in space that would never be used for something like that today, had been there since at least the 1920s, and delivered our orders by UPS or occasionally from their own truck. When they finally went out of business sometime in the '70s, I went up to the warehouse to see what I could scavenge and found stuff that had been lying around, ignored, literally for decades, things like cans of Bagpipe Balm (I am not kidding), giant harmonica displays, unsold Gibson Mando-Cello and Mando-Bass strings, it went on. Amongst the detritus were a few of these still-packaged Harmony replacement tailpieces. What you’ll use it for is your call; put it on a guitar or frame it for posterity if you like. You won’t see these anywhere else. $50.

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